Posted on Feb 25, 2019

Nozawa Onsen BaseCamp Furnished Apartments 野沢温泉ベースキャンプ 大湯地区のウィークリーマンション

The weather has been cold but sunny for the most part of the last week now, making for some nice bluebird ski days up on the mountain, sunglasses in the village. Getting a little whiff of springtime in the air although it looks like we have more snow coming (always some spring snow in Nozawa Onsen Village scattered through March and a flurry or two in April).

The nice thing that this season brings is some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets as the daylight starts to stretch into evening and earlier morning, giving cues to wake up the wildlife - more birdsongs to be heard and more tracks to be seen in the backcountry. Pretty soon the bears will mosey out of their dens. The snowshoes and cross country skis and skins are coming out for some amazing adventures around the mountains and hills this spring! It’s still pretty deep up there with a 270cm base on top so the downhill skiing will be good all the way through golden week (May 5 last lift day this season, then need to wait ‘til July for mountain biking and hiking).
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