Posted on Mar 9, 2019

Nozawa Onsen BaseCamp Furnished Apartments 野沢温泉ベースキャンプ 大湯地区のウィークリーマンション

It was a magical evening last night on Hikage watching the sun come down in a gradual gradient of pastel shading over Mt Myoko!

Two or three nights a week the locals kids' (elementary school age) ski club "Jr.Jr." - that is run under the village Nozawa Onsen Ski Club from which hail tens of olympic athletes and world class coaches - train at night in the main bowl area and have the whole mountain to themselves under direction of these amazing teachers. When the younger class kids go at night, a few parents are required to take turns being there until the kids get into the elementary 'upper-class' and decide on their specialty in the 4th grade... either downhill, cross-country, or ski jumping, and in the near future probably freestyle which is currently under the downhill division.

We are really lucky to have all of these resources made available and there is something to be said for the time and dedication given of so many people in the community to raise and look after not just the athletic growth, but the development of character of our kids through sports literally as the maxim goes... "it takes a village". That would be Nozawa Onsen Village, of course.
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